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NCR Carbonless Forms Great Tool For Business Productivity!

What are NCR forms?

NCR stands for = No Carbon Required

NCR forms are also know as carbonless copy forms. The invention of NCR forms made duplicating, triplicating and even quadrupling hand written and printed documents easy and clean. NCR forms have eliminated the need for having to put carbon paper between sheets to create multiple copies of the same information. The paper is chemically treated to transfer the impression from the first page to the subsequent pages with very little pressure. NCR forms are coated with a special dye and a reactive clay which is sensitive to pressure. Your able to type or write on the surface of the top copy and like magic the information you supplied will appear on the rest of the duplicates.

NCR forms are ideal for receipts, invoices, work orders, inventory records and contracts when multiple copies are needed.

NCR forms are extremely affordable and environmentally friendly, the paper is lightweight and can come in different colors for making sorting and filing easier. NCR forms can be ordered loose, padded, or bound into a booklet, a common use for invoices and receipts.

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